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About Us

It's a long story about us! But in short, Aurora Media Group International is a group of people across the world working together on local and distant projects. We have a combination of specialised departments focusing on different aspects helping each other work to the aims of each project we work on. On the 19th August 2021, we reached a great achievement for us as we became registered as a Limited business in the United Kingdom bearing the name Aurora Media Group International LTD, Company Number 13574563.

Snow Studios

Snow Studios is our audio and visual hub from graphic design to video production.


The Aurora Development team is your hub for creative digital works, from websites to programs, we can help turn your idea into a reality and turn problems into solutions.

What we do

Here's a small selection of what we do

Encourage Adventure

We encourage our team to get out and explore, find new places and get involved in sports

Encourage Education

One of our priorities is education and encouraging people to get involved in the courses that we offer

Encourage going the extra mile

We encourage our team to go above and beyond in everything they do and try to support them in doing so


Our Community spans the globe and we are incredibly proud of that fact, we get them all involved in community events on our Discord Server


Team Members

Current Projects

Completed Projects

Mission Statement

To inspire the next generations of content creators.

Coming Soon!

After the success of our 2021 Virtual Air Show for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC), we have decided to continue this and have begun work on a new one for 2022!

Our Services

Hello there! We hope you are able to find the services you require from us. Please find below the ability to download our brochure. This goes much more into detail regarding costs of our services and additional details.

Press here to download our brochure.


We are able to conduct different varieties of photography, including Event Photography, Sports Photography and Wedding Photography.

Social Media

We are able to manage your social platforms through our services of Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management and Social Media Analytics

Audio Production

We are able to process your Audio and conduct macro and micro edits to remove impurities and errors as well as record voiceovers for whatever you need.

Web Design

Need a website to be designed? You can come to us and we will work on one based on the requirements you provide

Video Editing

We are able to provide video editing services for whatever the video it is that you are trying to create.

Video Production

Producing Videos is something that we enjoy doing. From planning to executing and to the editing process, we are here for you and to bring you a product you like.


Here's a few things of what we have done

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Our Executive Team

Meet Aurora's Executive Team

Alex Rollin

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technical Officer

Anthony Leigh

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Commercial officer


If you need to contact us, you can use the information below to do so

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  • discord.gg/AMGI
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